Pound-a-day veganism: Day two – by Ben Martin

So, it’s day two of trying to feed ourselves on just one pound each per day, and it’s going pretty well so far. We managed three square meals yesterday with something similar planned out for today, and neither one of has been especially hungry so far. Perhaps the regular cups of budget tea (50p for 80 bags!) have helped.

For dinner last night we had bean burgers inspired by Jack Monroe’s ‘9p burger’ recipe, but made using soaked and boiled kidney beans, rather than tinned, and breadcrumbs instead of flour. They held together remarkably well and, despite the absence of any herbs or spices, they tasted pretty good too. We served them up with mashed potato and red cabbage, and even managed to make a simple gravy by making up some vegetable stock with one of the stock cubes and thickening it with a little bit of the mash.


As I noticed that the bread I bought yesterday had quite a short shelf life (schoolboy error – always check the labels), we’ve had to prioritise eating that, so it was toast with margarine, jam and peanut butter for breakfast this morning. I also had half a peanut butter and jam sandwich as a midmorning snack today, which was a very welcome boost. And then for lunch it was the leftover vegetable and bean stew from yesterday with some rice.


Now, I mentioned one of Jack Monroe’s recipes earlier, as well as in previous posts, and Jack’s blog is a great source of budget vegan recipes. I don’t plan to use many of them this week, as most rely on having a few store cupboard basics, like herbs and spices, that we just didn’t have the budget for, but if you’re looking for super-cheap recipes, do check out Cooking On A Bootstrap.

Another website that’s a great source of vegan recipes for those on a budget is Frugal Living. All of the dishes work out at less than a pound per portion, and in some cases are literally pence to make. There are also a number of Facebook groups that are dedicated to budget veganism, such as Cheap Easy and Green Vegan Recipes and Vegan on a Budget, and you can find yet more economical plant-based recipes on Pinterest.

Animal Aid also has a FREE booklet called ‘Meat-free: Feed four for under a fiver’, which is full of cheap vegan recipes, as well as money saving tips. You can download it as a pdf, or you can order a printed copy to be sent to you.

Be sure to check out how we faired on day one.